[August 4, 2009]

Today at work I did a little research on the stick grips I want for the project. I think I am going with the teak grips Van's sells, but I need to make sure I can add another switch for flaps. Hopefully it will work...

Anyways I am still wrapping up all of the loose ends in the wiring up front. I connected all of the auxiliary inputs to the EIS. The EIS is what is used for the input of analog channels -- it has 6 inputs in all. Aux1 is for manifold pressure.

Aux 2 is for Left Fuel

Aux 3 is for right fuel.

Aux 4 is for fuel pressure.

Aux 5 is for the current shunt (i.e. amps from alternator).

and Aux6 is for the flap position sensor.

Some other things that needed to be set were some custom settings for the manifold pressure sensor. On the sensor it self it has two numbers -- the Scale Factor (SF) and the Offset (OFF). For my manifold pressure sensor the scale factor was 201.

And the offset for mine was 64

The current shunt on Aux5 had a scale factor of 186

And an offset of 357.

Once I did this, my MAP gauge on the EFIS came alive to 29.3" -- or what the barometric pressure is. Its about right.

Also another thing I checked was to make sure the transponder was getting the altitude from the EFIS. The EFIS was indicating 580' when I set its barometric pressure to 29.92, and so was the Garmin 327 transponder.

Next I wanted to tackle the EGT and CHT wiring. I have been putting this off forever. The wire routing is a bit funky, but it seems to work.

Finally I installed the ends on the oil pressure (top) and fuel pressure (bottom) sensors.



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