[August 2, 2009]

Today I popped in all of the avionics, one at a time fired them up. Slowly everything came up. I had some interconnection issues, but they were all simply software settings.

I was more or less done with all the major wiring on the subpanel, so I wanted to take care of the wires going to the aft since they were all coiled up and in the way. First I needed to punch some holes in the seat ribs for the wire run.

I used the center two holes in the center section for the antenna runs. I crossed them like this because I will use some adel clamps to hold them close to the floor to keep them from interfering with the elevator control rods.

Next I started the main wiring run to the rest of the airplane.

Here is how I routed the wires through the front of the center section.

And the adel clamps I used to secure the wire runs.

Finally I put the ends on the coax runs for COM1 and COM2. With the antennas on the radios, I tested out the Push-to-talk wires on each radio and the radio went into TX (transmit) mode. So I am pretty thrilled the PTT works. I need to get the headset ends on the rest of the wires so I can make sure all of the intercom wiring is working.



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