[August 5, 2009]

I wasn't thrilled about how my EGT and CHT wires were supported. So tonight I tossed some wire wrap on them and it is way better.

Next on the agenda was to install the pilot and copilot headphone and microphone jacks. The worst part of this is to choose where to install them and the potential pitfalls of each location. The following locations were possible:

1) On top of the F-707 bulkhead (above baggage). I didn't like this because when I flew in a local RV with the headset jacks here, the cord was always being tugged down into the baggage area. It was pretty annoying.

2) On the F-902 bulkhead (under and to the outboard of the panel). This was OK, but I though my headphone cable would be stomped on. Also, it was difficult to reach up there if needed in flight.

3) On top of the F-705 bulkhead crossmember. This was OK, but I didn't like the idea of the jacks facing up.

4) And where I chose, on the side of the F-705 bulkhead, above the armrest. This position allows the cable of the headset to sit nicely on the side of the seat. It is well protected because the seat would be blocking it slightly. It is somewhat easy to access. From what I could tell, it was the easiest location for me to reach in flight.

So with that decision set, I made some measurements and a drill jig.

Put some #30's in.

The back interferes with the doubler for the inboard hole. I will have to figure out some shim to use there...

I drilled both holes to 1/2" and installed the jacks to test. Looks good from the front.

And from the aft looks good too. I am going to make a little cover for this to protect it from getting damaged since it will be exposed.

To route the headset cables here I am going through the bottom of the F-705 bulkhead. I drilled a 3/8" hole and installed a grommet.

Next I needed to use some zip-tie bases. I bought the zip tie bases from Stein Air with foam bases. but I always hear the foam disintegrates over time. I have seen that happen first hand for me. So what I did was take the bases and soak them in MEK for a day or so. Once this was done, the foam base just pealed right on off. I then scuffed up the bottom of the nylon bases to adhesion. I then used Automotive Goop to adhere the bases to the airframe. I am really impressed with Goop. It had excellent adhesion to some unsanded AKZO primer. So here I installed a bunch of bases for the magnetometer wire. Yeah I know they aren't evenly spaced.

Next I installed some on the floor under the seats for the headset and microphone wires.

And up the back of the F-705 bulkhead. The lowest one should help the wire to avoid any interference with the flaps.

And here is the Automotive Goop. I bought it at Advance Auto parts. Works great!



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