[November 14, 2007]

While at work today I used the bandsaw to cut the plastic bushing like so...

Van's released a service bulletin SB 07-4-12 addressing the possibility of the end of the flap electric arm to unscrew. Their solution was to put a small hole at the end of the electric arm to secure with safety wire. Shown here is where I made the whole. The smallest drill bit I had was 1/16" which worked fine.

Here is some safety wire in to test out the fit.

Next was into drilling the bushing block to the floor. I aligned everything and checked all of the edge distances before committing to drill. The plans have you install some nutplates for the AN3 bolts to screw into. However, access is great to use nuts. If for some reason that isn't the case down the road, I will bite the bullet and put in some nutplates.

Next thing that needed to happen was notch the baggage cover to accommodate the flap bushing.

Here is the cover notched, fitting great.

Next was onto fabricating a bunch of parts for the flap housing.

Here is the bunch. Lots of work here for such few parts. Makes you appreciate all the parts Van's has precut and prepunched!



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