[November 13, 2007]

Tonight I wanted to finish up the F-782A covers. The thing that sucks about these is on the outboard end, there is a angle (F-782D) the cover screws into. The issue with this is no one out there had a good way of getting all of this together. I think I found a good solution that gave excellent results in a quick amount of time. What you see here is a scrap piece of 0.063" angle clamped to the F-7101 web via a clamp through the fuel line hole. The angle is matched up against the angle the F-782A cover is.

Next I fabricated up the F-782D angles. I went a bit off of the plan here. The trim you see on the upper right is much less than what Van's called for. The holes are closer to the edge than what Van's calls for too. The reason for this is if you put the holes where Van's tells ya to, there is no way a pop riveter is going to be able to squeeze the rivets when nutplates are attaches to it. Now, you might think you can pop rivet it first, and all nutplates later, but the F-902 bulkhead is in the way to try to get a squeezer in there.

So, I have my piece of angle clamped to the F-7101 web, I put a piece of 0.020 scrap in between the F-782D angle and my 063 angle to simulate the thickness of the F-782A cover plate. I then clamped everything together.

I started drilling everything with #40's first, knowing that I will work up to a #30 later. You definitely need the drill stop on here to make sure you only penetrate the F-7101 web and not the side skin.

Here is the finished product. It wasn't that bad at all, just took a little thinking to see how to get everything perfect.

Next I put some #40 holes in the cover plate where the #8 screws will attach to the angle. I backdrilled the F-782D angles using a 90 degree drill attachment. I then took everything off and enlarges it to a #19.

I put some nutplate holes on the angle and made a cutout for the fuel line.

With the fabrication of the forward covers over, time to move on to the flap system. I marked the F-680 bushing block and drilled the two #10 holes with the drill press.

Next I marked where I need to cut the block with the bandsaw. I will take this to work and bang it out during lunch tomorrow.



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