[November 12, 2007]

I was able to work on the project on and off all day today since I got Veterans day off of work. Gotta love the 3 day weekend. I started out by continuing my work on for forward covers. I fitted this section to make its aft flange flush with the vertical tunnel that goes to the fuel selector valve.

Since I am using a fuel injected system, I need to make some modifications to the stock system to accommodate the Airflow Performance fuel pump and filter. This is a separate kit I purchased from Van's some time ago.Anyways, the first mod is to cut off the aft end of the center cover.

Cutting off the aft end makes room to put this part in its place. The fuel pump and filter get clamped to the middle of this later on.

I double checked the fit with everything cut. Looks good.

I didn't trim the forward cover exactly to plans -- I left a little extra on, about 5/32" to push the aft cover a little further aft to mate up nicely like this.

OK, next thing was to modify the forward center cover like so.

And also this part needed to be modified.

Here everything is together.

And now with the cover on.

I marked where the center cover gets drilled to the floor angle - these are the three aft positions.

The only way to drill this was with a 90 degree drill attachment. To make this easy, I put a #19 hole in some scrap angle. I clamped the angle to the locations on the floor stiffeners that needed to be drilled and backdrilled the stiffeners. It made the process super easy.

Here everything is drilled and clecoed together.

Next thing was to backdrill the firewall recess to the center section cover.

Now its time for nutplates galore. I made myself a #6 nutplate jig for the screws holding on the cover to the fuel pump.

The aft center cover with the nutplate locations highlighted with arrows.

This is the vertical cover needing 4 #6 nutplats

The firewall recess also needs two.

With those parts off to the side, I moved onto these forward covers. This is how they are supposed to fit, with the forward seat floors over top of them.

The only problem with this is there seems to be another hole drilled in the forward cover that isn't in the seat floors (as indicated). To drill this, I moved the forward cover on top of the seat floors and backdrilled it. I am kinda on cruise control here because the instructions don't say anything about this.

Not wanting to backdrill into the center section, I used a drill stop.

Next was this gusset that attaches the F-704 bulkhead to the lower longeron. It needs to be slightly modified to avoid the rivet shop head shown by the arrow. I then backdrilled the #40 holes from the outside skin.

Finally I enlarged all 5 holes to #12's for AN3 bolts. I didn't get a chance to do the other side tonight, but that should be a quicky tomorrow.



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