[November 10, 2007]

I got this little doodad the other day. Its called a "Reservoir Dog" and it is used on top of the brake fluid reservoir. What it does is when negative G's are applied to the plane, a ball actuates the reservoir dog and keeps the brake fluid from coming out. Now, I have no intensions of going negative G's, but it is here just in case. If you want one, go to http://www.reservoirdog.alexap.com/. It was pretty cheap - only $16 bucks shipped.

OK, back to the tunnel cover. Van's tells you to carefully drill two #19 holes in the Z channel that will line up with holes in the aft seat floors. I figure since I didn't drill my floor down yet, I will just backdrill the second hole in these channels to get it dead on. Here it is with the forward hole drilled.

...and backdrilled for the other hole.

Next the forward end of the cover needed to be bent up 1/4". Piece of cake with the hand seamers.

I needed to fix the bend a little to get it to match up perfectly with the forward seat floors.

Next I used the spacer spanner to drill all the holes for the rivets. I also drilled a #19 hole for a screw that will hole the front of the pan down. After I drilled the hole, I saw a #6 screw was supposed to go here instead of a #8. I am kind of glad I made the mistake, because now I have all #8 screws holding down the floors.

And here is everything drilled and clecoed together. At the aft end, there is some overlap of the top sheet. I think this should be trimmed, but I am going to wait until the flap cover is mounted to see where any interference could happen. No sense in trimming too much off.

OK, next on the list is the forward cover. I started by drilling the heating baffle to the center cover. This keeps the heat fed in from the firewall coming out the louvers instead of down along the fuel system. Seems like a good idea.

Next was the fuel selector plate. I deburred this and put some nutplates on it.

Finally I screwed it temporarily to the F-704 bulkhead.



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