[November 15, 2007]

Tonight I finished up the flap system. I started with the rear cover, drilling just the center hole to the angle that get screwed to the baggage floor. I wanted to wait on the other holes until I could make sure everything was where it is supposed to be.

Here the angle is screwed to the baggage floors.

I marked two lines from the plans on the back of the cover to align with the top vertical bar of the F-705.

Ooops..forgot to do the forward part. I have been really skipping around on the instructions lately...Anyways, I clamped everything together and drilled it to the right sizes.

Next I installed the flap motor temporarily.

Long story short, everything is drilled and fits OK. If you look closely, on the top of the F-705 bulkhead, Dummy me clamped the bent 063 sheet to the outside of the bulkhead instead of inside. I hope this doesn't screw up the holes I backdrilled from the side cover to the rear cover! Not a biggie if it doesn't turn out, the parts can't be that much if they are beyond rescue.

Next I enlarged the bolt head hole on the side cover and forward cover to 5/8" with a unibit.

Finally, all the fabrication done. Now I have a nice LARGE pile of parts to debur, prep, prime and paint. This could take a while.........good time to end for the night.



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