[October 23, 2007]

First thing tonight was to flute the F-710 bulkhead between the marks for the holes in the aft top skin.

I held off on these F-656 gussets that attach the F-706 and F-707 bulkheads to the longerons until tonight. Before I mentioned that there was no way to predict how the bulkheads would be without the top skin on. Well, with the top skin on, I clamped them to the longeron.

Next I took off a bunch of clecos.

....and here's why - to gain access to the gussets with a 90 degree drill.

And the finished product.

Next I needed to install the F-787 web between the tops of the F-706 and 707 bulkheads. This web attaches to the F-707 bulkhead with this F-707B angle clip. I made it and drilled the one hole. All the other holes get backdrilled.

Here is the clip in place. I crawled into the fuse to drill the other hole that goes to the bulkhead.

Once that was in place, I clecoed on the forward top skin. Man this thing is looking really cool.

Here is another shot.

OK, I didn't adjust the flange on the bulkheads enough in some spots. This is the worst of it.

With the forward top skin on, I drilled the gussets between the F-706 and longerons.

Next I matchdrilled all the holes and backdrilled the stiffeners.

I need next to drill the F-707B clip to the F-787 web. The instructions tell you you can uncleco the right side of the top forward skin and use a long drill bit, but I think I can use the angle drill bit. So I made a "plank" to support me in the aft fuse.

Here are the two holes that get backdrilled into the F-707B clip. The angle drill worked perfect on these puppies. I think I am done with all of the fabrication work on these top skins! I still have to debur/prime/dimple all of this, but this doesn't get installed for quite some time, so I am calling it done.



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