[October 25, 2019]

My friends in Buffalo, NY invited me up for the night. It was a quick 1.4 up there in a straight line flight path.

The leaves were near peak in central PA. The pictures do not do justice to how amazing it looked.

No real wind at 4,500'. Not that I am complaining.

The leaf colors kept on getting better as I got further north. Once again, the pictures do not do it justice.

Reminder note to myself - my destination airport, Buffalo Airpark (9G0), has a 2,200' ceiling of class C above it for my departure. It's so easy to let this beast keep on climbing on departure.

I went up to 6,500' over the super mountainous region of northern PA. Not too many hospitable off-field landing

There was a little weather around Buffalo..but there always seems to be...

Tied down safe and sound for the night. This is a great airport, but very very empty. Once again I am the only plane on the ramp with an engine under the cowling...

The next morning I took my friend Jean for a flight around the local area.

We hit up all of the hotspots Buffalo has to offer. Buffalo Bill's own New Era Field, downtown and then back again. For my friends first flight in a small plane, 0.3 hours was a perfect jaunt.

Gassed up to make the local airfield happy I spent the night, and off to MD I went. There was some weather through mid-PA that I needed to deal with, but it didn't seem significant.

Great looking skies to the east.

West, not so much, Weather was moving through the area.

Yup, just a lot of muck off my right wing. No convection, so I maintained MVFR as best I could, knowing VFR was off to my left.

My final path home, I needed to divert to the east a little bit for weather.

Weather looked nastier on the radar than it really was. You can see all airports were reporting VFR. Great weekend in Buffalo! 1.4 up, 1.7 back. Better than the 7 hour drive each way!



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