[April 21, 2020]

One issue I have been battling with for a while is for whatever reason, my GTN650's Basemap and SafeTaxi databases will NOT update. When I boot up the GPS, it always asks me if I want to update these two databases. Once updated, they show valid under "currently installed databases", but upon reboot, it shows as expired. I have tried everything to resolve this - formatted the SD card and installed newly downloaded databases, gone into the configuration utility and installed them. There isn't much more than that, right? It blows my mind the NAV and Obstruction databases update just fine.

Another fun issues - my GPS is not locking on to satellites.

It sees some of them, but no locks.

Well OK, this is at least something - the internal battery is low, which probably causes the GTN to spend a lot of time figuring out where it is. I might as well resolve this issue before chasing other issues. Garmin has this battery you can get through a dealer - p/n 360-00026-00.

I was chatting with my buddy Captain John about the Basemap and SafeTaxi database issue. He said he had the same issue and needed to replace the internal datacard. He indicated it was covered by some foil on the side of the unit. Sure enough, here is where it was hiding. It took a screwdriver to depress the card to release it.

Looks like an off-the-shelf 8GB SD card. I inserted it into my laptop and it read normally as I could see the full file system.

I just happen to have another 8 GB SD card, so I formatted it to install it.

I used a screwdriver to make sure it was fully seated.

It booted saying I needed to update the Basemap and SafeTaxi just as it always does. So once again I did, rebooted and BOOM! Databases stuck! I wasn't prompted to load them! So it looks like the internal datacard only holds safetaxi and basemaps. THANKS CJ!

Onto other projects - I am installing a smoke system and needed to relocate some wires off of the engine mount. I have no idea why I didn't just trim these wires when I built the thing. I suppose I was under the impression if you shorten them, they will read differently than they should. Me as an electrical engineer should know better.....

Wires cleaned up and now I can proceed with getting my smoke system installed!

The BeechTalk forums shed some light as to the battery inside the GTN650 (Thread https://www.beechtalk.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=152260). Looks like a VARTA ER 1/2 AA 3.6V 1200 mAh battery. I was not able to find this exact battery anywhere on the internet. A SAFT LS14250 has nearly identical specs, and was only $8.09 shipped.



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