[July 18, 2019]

For the past 4-5 years I have combined my pilgrimage to Oshkosh with trying to visit as many friends as I can along the way who live in the midwest. After coordinating schedules, this was the preliminary flight plan I came up with:
Day 1: Fly to Cleveland (KLPR)
Day 2: Fly to Oshkosh
Day 3-6: Oshkosh!
Day 7: Fly to Minneapolis (KSGS)
Day 8: Fly to Des Moines (KIKV) with my friend from Miineapolis
Day 9: Fly to Twin Cities, WI (5K6).
Day 10: Fly to Minneapolis to drop my friend off, then fly to Sturgeon Bay (KSUE).
Day 11: Fly around Lake MI to Port Huron, MI (KPHN)
Day 12: Fly to Toledo for lunch with a friend and then back home.

Garmin Pilot said the trip would take 16 hours, flying 2596nm and consuming 153.4G of fuel. Let's see how closely my theoretical trip correlated to reality?

It's been 3 years since I last updated my camping list. Not a lot has changed, but this is my list for this year.
Batteries for flashlight and headlamp
Sleeping Bag
Water Bottles filled with water
Cheapo Styrofoam cooler
Bug Spray
Ear Buds
baby wipes
USB Solar Panel (It's so nice to not need to rely on 110V the whole trip!)
USB Battery Packs (I have 2 10,000 milliamp-hour ones)
Long USB Cables to go from Solar Panel to inside of tent.
Tent with groundcloth and stakes
ATM Card / Credit Card / Cash
Rain Jacket
Flip Flops
HBC and VFR Signs
Towel and washcloth
Garbage Bags x2
Small Plastic Clamps x4 (for clamping your wet towel to the prop to dry, holding tent flap open
Medium Plastic Clamps x4 (For securing the solar panel to tent).
Small bedding sheet (For when it's too hot to be in the sleeping bag)
Folding Chair
Soap and Shampoo
Breakfast Bars
Blue Painters Tape
Real Pillow
Tablet Computer (For Navigation).
Laptop Computer (Hopefully goes unused!)


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