[July 19, 2019]

OK, time to get the trip to Oshkosh 2019 kicked off. As in many years in the past I typically take off Friday afternoon and fly my first leg to Cleveland, OH to catch up with a college buddy.

It was a HOT day in Maryland. We were expected to get a heat wave topping 100 degrees this coming weekend.

These were my EFIS reading upon turning it on in my hangar - 99 degree oil temps, CHT/EGT's near 100 and OAT at 98. Needless to say it was miserable outside.

Loaded up and ready to rock to Osh!

It was a rather lethargic takeoff between the gross weight and the high temps.

I stayed relatively low on the way to Cleveland to avoid the headwinds. At 3500' it was 9 kts on the nose. Oil temps were high-ish at 188 on this hot day.

Even for a hot day it was relatively haze-free. No storms either - rather rare for a scorcher on the east coast.

It seemed strange that such a large body of water in western PA was completely unoccupied by boaters on this hot day - until research revealed the Beaver Run Reservoir does not allow boating - or even hiking/fishing!

Quick, uneventful 2.0 hour flight to KLPR. I got treated with front row parking from the fine people at MRK Aviation. Looking forward to some AIR CONDITIONING as it is still "Hot in Cleveland".



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