[August 27, 2017]

It got dark last night by the time I finished wrapping up all of the wiring of the new uAvionix EchoUAT ADS-B transceiver which precluded going for a test flight. Today I fixed my configuration issue and deleted my "Flight ID".

I took off and headed north toward Carlisle, PA. While enroute I picked up some ADS-B weather. Also, I did receive a few traffic alerts.

The ADS-B counters also were incrementing in the EFIS. 19,185 valid frame without any errors. Seems like a good install!!

My CHT #2 has been acting a little funny, reading low. I added some solder to the pins I used to connect the probe to the EIS wiring. That seemed to fix the issue.

Boom! I hit 500 hours today!

When I got home, I wanted to see how good my ADS-B compliance was. I submitted the request and a few minutes later I received a report. Good news is they saw me today with 20,339 messages being sent out!

Now the bad news - it looks like I failed the SIL and SDA portion of the test.

Well, I didn't just fail- I got 100% failure! This indicates I am sending out SIL=0/SDA=0, which means I am getting my GPS position from a non-compliant GPS source. I think I need to check with some of my settings in the uAvionix configuration to convince it my GRT GPS Safe-Fly 2020 is in fact compliant.



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