[October 2, 2017]

I had to make an overnight work trip to Long Island this week. The drive up there is terrible. 3.5 hours and a lot of traffic. Flight is an hour. Luckily the weather worked out in the flight's favor!

As you can see from the water vapor off of the nuclear power plant, there was zero wind today. I used flight following going up as I wanted a short-cut through the class bravo of NYC.

Well not technically zero wind - but 2 kts tailwind.

NY approach was very accommodating to my requested flight path. I had some amazing views of the city on this perfect day.

NY Approach vectored me directly over JFK.

Floyd Bennett Field.

My flight path took me nearly over both work sites I needed to visit on my trip. Aqueduct Racetrack and Casino.

And the famous Belmont Park. I've tried many times to convince the management at NYRA to allow me to land in the infield of Belmont. They never seem to think I'm serious!!!



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