[July 30, 2017]

Another perfect flying day today! As I was dropped off at Westosha Airport, I saw 3 AirCam's parked there! Wow, I haven't seen this many AirCam's in once place since 3 days ago at Oshkosh! But why are they all gathered here at 5K6? The fuel is only available to club members? I walked around the airport and found all of the AirCam guys gathered around an AirCam in a hangar that had a hard landing on the water. The 3 AirCam's belonged to the factory and they were on their way home from Oshkosh and stopped by here to evaluate the AirCam in need of help. I was in heaven - this is my next build, and to have so many around unexpectedly was just a delight. They had every configuration I could think of - floats, tundra tires, canopy, fuel injected and carburetor.

Nice glass on all of them - Almost all of them had Dynon HDX EFIS's.

Those AirCam's definitely don't make my RV look exciting!

Hmmmm, on preflight I discovered what the guy at Burlington was talking about with my right wheelpant being loose. The screw I had holding it on had pulled through.

Hmm, and a fiberglass spacer fell out when I took the wheelpants off.

Luckily all of this was remedied by some blue painters take and some #8 washers I was able to find around some of the airport hangars.

The fix was done just in time to see the AirCam's take off.

Their ground roll is amazing. Airborne in less than 100'.

Their climb rate was incredible also. All of the pilots told me they hadn't climbed higher than 500' AGL on their entire trip - why should they - it's an AirCam!

My weather forecast was severe CAVU for my entire trip home.

Lake Michigan always surprises me with how blue it is in the summer - looks like the Caribbean.

Flew by Chicago.

Once clear of the Chicago airspace I climbed up to 5,500. No real winds today - 2 kts on the tail here.

Let's see what happens up higher. 6 kts headwind at 9,500'.

As I leveled off at 9,500' I heard two loud POP noises. I scared the crap out of me. It took me a little bit to realize it was my chip bags busting open!

With that mystery solved, up to 11,500' to clear some clouds I went. I picked up a little tailwind up here.

11,500'....crazy....so high in something I put together in my garage. My RV continues to amaze me.

And my full track home - it couldn't of been any easier. Another great Oshkosh/Midwest adventure trip on the books. Love this airplane.



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