[July 29, 2017]

I had a wonderful with visiting my college friend Rene and his lovely wife Monika in Des Moines. Their son has a thing for airplanes and we all got a kick out of him flipping switches on my airplane and touching the control surfaces.

Off I head east, direction of the guaranteed tailwinds....except today. 7 kts on the nose! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! I knew I didn't feed the wind gods enough Pirate Coffee at Oshkosh!

The trip back east wasn't very long today. I was going to refuel in Burlington, WI (KBUU) and then head down to Westosha (5K6) to meet up with my friend "Rose" for some pontoon fun at her lake house.

Back over the Mississippi crossing into Illinois. This could be the first time this trip my airplane has overflown the Land of Lincoln.

ADS-B traffic showed a scatter of some traffic heading back from Oshkosh looking to fuel up on the cheap at KBUU also.

I hit KBUU at the right time! I was able to pull directly up to the pumps without anyone in front of me. On takeoff, someone on the ground let me know my right gear leg looked like it had a good shimmy as I taxied by. I thanked the guy and figured I'd look at it on the ground. The flight to Westosha was a quick one as it's only 5 or so RV minutes south of Burlington.

Wait..let's get a closet look at that track. Yup, it took me 3 tried to land at Westosha. The wind was gusty direct crosswind from the south-east, and it created some interested bubbles as it passed by tall trees and an assortment of hangars right around the landing threshold. On the third attempt I was worried I might not be able to make it!

Tied down for the night I was happy to be on the ground!

"Rose" and I had a wonderful day out on Powers Lake.

We had a real treat when around 7pm 4 hot air balloons came in our direction.

We quickly fired up the pontoon board and joined in on the fun.

Simply an amazing day! The hot air balloons were the icing on the cake to a perfect day. Love this lake and all it offers every year I come to visit.



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