[July 26, 2017]

We woke up to a cool overcast day on Wednesday morning. YaDude is waiting form judges to come around to get his RV-7 critiqued.

I stopped by the Dallas Avionics / NavWorx booth and spoke with Scott Davis about my options with my ADS600-EXP ADS-B Transceiver.

NavWorx came out with a "backpack" GPS receiver. Installation is very simple and straightforward. The "backpack" plugs into the DB9 connector on the original unit, and the old DB9 connector plugs into the GPS "backpack". The only other change needed is the GPS antenna plugs into the "backpack" instead of the ADS600-EXP box. Both Scott and Bill Moffitt were very much behind continuing to support this unit and make it legal again.

Next up was some Hypoxia training at the FAA booth.

We were entered into a chamber where the oxygen level was about 1/2 of what it at at sea level, simulating roughly 28,000'. The purpose of this is for pilots to know how they react when put into a hypoxia situation. Like alcohol, hypoxia affects everyone a little differently. The purpose of this was to experience and recognize 3 signs of hypoxia. I highly recommend all pilots go through this. The staff at the FAA was extremely professional and great instructors.

Playing "Paddy Cake" with Larry after 4 minutes in the changes the my O2 level nearing 60%.

After all of that training, we were all hungry. Time for the annual RivetBangers.com prime rib dinner at the Block Otter Supper Club. We had quite the crew this year!

Arie and Kian joined us and had a blast!

Painless trying to figure out how to get out of speeding tickets with Eric the sheriff. I don't think he got any good pointer....

This picture was coined "Beavis and Butthead" on Facebook by an unknown funnyman.

CJ is not impressed with WI's hack of Clam Chowder.

18 of us chowing down on perfectly cooked prime rib.

Brian is a happy camper!

Ha! RivetBangers strike again!

No one leave the Black Otter hungry!

Clearly common sense is not so common. Chad found out the hard way!



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