[July 25, 2017]

I wanted to get a look at GRT's new HUD. Wow! What a bright screen. I tried to talk to some of the staff from GRT, but the booth was mobbed. Their stuff seemed to be a hit!

I took a look at the new RV-12is.

This Just Aircraft Super STOL with the Viking engine and a 5-blade Whirlwind propeller looks like a fun airplane! It really stands out on the ground.

Camp Bullock/CJ for the week.

CJ introduced me to his friend Jack from Massachusetts. CJ nicknamed Jack's RV-9A as the "Millennium Falcon" because of his instrument panel. GRT EFIS, Garmin 696, Dynon D10, Zaon XRX, Stormscope, GNS430, etc.. The list went on and on of all of the avionics he had installed.

I ran into Ulf and his colleagues from Sweden again, but this time they came with 12 beers from Sweden they shipped over just fior me. Thanks Ulf!!!

Next up was dinner at Roxy's in town. This place was fantastic. Great food and very reasonable prices. CJ , however, wasn't feeling up to dinner and elected to nap in the car. We think he had a little too much fun as SOS last night.

I got to finally meet Kevin Johnson (Callsign YaDude) - CJ's friend from Massachusetts and proprietor of the website http://www.kevinsrv7.com/. This was his longest flight ever in his RV and first time at Oshkosh with it.



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