[July 24, 2017]

Today was the opening day of Oshkosh. I didn't really have anything I particularly wanted to see at the show. This year was more about hanging out with the friends who I have made over the years at Oshkosh.

CJ and I stopped in to Vertical Power to visit Chad and Jeff. They showed off their new integration of the VPX and the iLevel3 EFIS running on an iPad.

One of the neatest homebuilt aircraft on display at Oshkosh was from a South African company - Whisper Aircraft.

They had some unbelievable speed claims - 200 MPH running at 75% power on a IO-360.

The interior was very nice. Center stick. lots of baggage room and extremely comfortable to sit it.

It was tough to get CJ out of the airplane!

This airplane not only made CJ and me smile...but also the sky :)

A lot of thought was put into the design of the Whisper. The wheelpants even had nice doors on them for checking tire pressure. I hope the best for this company and their current ramping up to enter into sales in North America. Once the company proves to be successful and sustainable, I could easily see myself building one of these sexy speed daemons!

Ran into the guys behind Flight Outfitters bags. They especially enjoyed some of my stories of their bags. Their products are made well, designed smartly and are super durable.

Ran into Jim at Champion Aero and let him know how good his seminar was on Slick Magnetos last year. If you own a set of Slick's, make sure you catch his seminar. He is an excellent technical speaker.

B-1B Bomber in Aeroshell Square.

CJ and I enjoying a peaceful picnic in Alaska. Nothing out of the ordinary here...

Next up was the "Beer Fairy" Monday night event.

Got to meet Van finally and chat briefly with him. What an honor. Meeting him was by far the highlight of my show.

Ran into my friend Ulf from Sweden. Years ago he stopped by my homebase and we went for a ride in my RV.

My buddies Brian and his wife Shantel.

Some of the MD boys (Bruce and Bill) and Frank and I.

The beer event ended, but we were still hungry and ready for a little more action. Shouldn't be any surprise where we ended up.

The band Hyde was excellent.

I was able to score a nice hat for my new South African friends, Arie and Kian, found in Captain Johns's backpack!

The stumble home from SOS brothers was about normal to include the shimmy under the gate.



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