[July 27, 2017]

We got a little rain on Wednesday night. It was easy to pick out the boys from the men when it came to preparedness for weather! CJ's RV-7 doubled nicely for a drying rack.

We decided to do another pass at the Hypoxia chamber knowing what to expect.

We were the first ones in on Thursday morning and the simulated altitude was 28,000'. Another good experience. It was great to go back and to know what to expect.

Arie and Kian stopped by as I was closing down camp. Kian has one heck of an RV grin!!

All packed up and ready to head our own ways. Just like last year, I am heading out to Minneapolis, MN to visit some college friends.

Cya Oshkosh!

It was a great day to fly. Beautiful puffy WI clouds filled the skies.

Even a little tailwind heading west. Gotta love it.

Rock star packing at Flemming Field (KSGS). Definitely a great, friendly FBO.

I had a great day catching up with my friends from MSP. As you can tell, they're perfectly normal and well grounded....not.



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