[February 18, 2017]

A few days ago I had a some really disappointing Mexican food here in Maryland. It got me hankering for some of the best Mexican food I've had in the general area, strangely located near Cleveland, OH. My good friend lives out there, and after a few messages back and forth, the trip was booked. Cleveland for Mexican food!

The weather has been beyond amazing - 72 degrees on February 18th! It's usually in the 20's and 30's this time of year. On top of the great temps, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Perfect day to fly.

I knew there would be headwinds encountered on my way out west. WeatherMeister indicated about 20 kts on the nose. Before I flew over the mountains I kept low at 2,500' where I found a little tailwind.

Well, that tailwind didn't last long. 20 kts on the nose as forecasted.

Like I said - just perfect weather.

I'm stoked. This is like great spring flying! On top of the weather, my new PSA360EX audio panel kicks ass. I can stream music from my cell phone (Pandora in offline mode) via the bluetooth interface. One less wire!

Yes, of course beer was involved in this trip. Delivering a 6-pack of Germany's finest to my friends.

The trip to Cleveland couldn't of gone better. Great customer service at Lorain County airport, fun night with friends and AMAZING Mexican food. While enjoying some libations and music, it came to my attention that one of my friends vinyl records was supposed to be picked up in April by another one of my friends who lives in Buffalo, NY. With nothing really to do on Sunday, I checked my Buffalo friends schedule and arranged a delivery...and chicken wings for lunch! I decided to take the scenic route to Buffalo hugging the southern shoreline of Lake Erie.

The package to be delivered. I'm a little lost on the whole vinyl record thing....how am I supposed to play this in the RV???!?

Some precious cargo to eventually head back to MD - leftover Mexican food and local Cleveland beer.

Another perfect day peering over Lake Erie.

Shoreline just west of Cleveland.

Downtown Cleveland.

20 kts tailwind! Oh yeah!

One of the few signs of winter - a frozen over lake.

The flight was quite enjoyable over to Buffalo. There was some ice blow near the shoreline as I approached Buffalo.

Parked at Buffalo Airport (Just south of KBUF).

My friend was quite excited for his new record and took me to his favorite spot for wings - Gabriel's Gate. What you see before you is a double order of Medium Crispy wings. Simply outstanding!

I had some time to kill before sunset for the flight home, so I thought I'd swing past Niagara Falls. I didn't know of the flight rules for seeing the falls as this trip was last minute, so I played it safe and went up to 5500' above KBUF's class C.

Lake Ontario.

Niagara Falls.

Great initial tailwind heading home - 30 kts, nearly all on the tail.

Bookin' across the ground at 187 kts.

The trip home had some light chop the whole way. Nice views of the mountains of northern-central PA. Landed back at KDMW at 5:15pm. What a fun trip!



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