[February 4, 2017]

I was browsing the interwebs last night (Friday) and noticed some of the RivetBangers and New England Flash Mob members were heading up to Alton Bay, NH to land on their recently opened Ice Runway - it's the only FAA approved ice runway in the US. Alton Bay does a great job updating everyone of it's conditions via it's Facebook page. The runway has been plowed for 3,000', 150' wide and a taxiway on the east side. the trip up there from KDMW was a 347.8nm hop. The weather was spectacular on the entire east coast, so it would be a breeze to get up and back in a day.

Flying up there was some wind at altitude, but barely a headwind or tailwind. It was also a little chilly at 5,500' - 15 degrees F.

Very very clear and crisp day to be flying.

I made use of my new heated gloves for the trip...except the heated part. I forgot to bring the batteries!

Crossing over the Hudson River.

The further north I went, the chillier it got. 10 degrees OAT was about the lowest I saw.

Also, the further north I went the paint on the land changes from brown to white.

The New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

It's hard to miss the ice runway from the air!
(Photo Courtesy of Vlad)

Landing at Alton Bay was a piece of cake. Light toughdown, and no brake usage. Brakes are pretty much ineffective - they just cause some sliding. The only way to turn the RV was using the rudder. I ran into Captain John and Vlad who patiently waited for me to arrive.

This is the parking area. When I arrived it was full of planes.

My RV on ice.

Captain John and I flew in formation down to Hawthorne Feather for some cheap fuel - $3.81/G.

The trip home took a little longer due to a 20 kts headwind.

Great day inthe RV. Put 5.1 on the hobbs!



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