[July 30, 2016]

I am really fortunate to have so many friends who live in the midwest to visit after Oshkosh. It really makes the trip to Oshkosh special as I get to catch up with a lot of great old friends who I usually don't get to see that often. Today's trip is to 2W5 - Westosha, WI. My friend Kara and her family have a house near Powers Lake and a pontoon boat to boot!

Much like EVERY flight this trip, I was met once again with MVFR conditions.

I flew between two layers of clouds for the first half of the trip. The lower layer was scattered, so I had a high margin for safety in case I needed to get down. I don't like to be over solid layers.

Just before I hit the Mississippi, the lower layer disappeared.

Crossing over the Mississippi, I noticed on the east bank what appeared to be a ski resort. Sure enough, it was the Chestnut Mountain Resort. Must be a cool place to ski in the wintertime with the view of the Mississippi in front of you!

The skies kept on clearing up the further east I got.

Headwinds heading east? I can't catch any weather breaks this trip!

I landed at Westosha airport, and just as I was finishing tying down my airplane for the night, my friends showed up - talk about perfect timing. We took a short 10 minute ride to the lake and immediately hopped on the pontoon boat and enjoyed a wonderful day on the lake.

The evening brought more fun with great food, beverages and stories. Plus Gracie especially likes it when I visit as she gets extra attention!



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