[July 29, 2016]

I had a fantastic night in St Paul, but it was time to continue my adventure. My hosts Josh (the human) and Cooper (the dog) couldn't of been more cordial!

Josh's son Owen was really into airplanes. When I showed up to their house last night, he made sure to show me his airplane bed sheets. I told Josh and his wife it would be no problem for him to come out to the airport and walk around the airplanes on the field, sit in mine, and id he was up to it, I would taxi him around. Well, can you tell who had the best day of their life????? I suggested to Josh and his wife to start saving up for pilot lessons - this kid is a natural!

Next up on the long way home was to stop by Des Moines, IA to catch up with my friend Rene from college. Weather looked OK for getting there.

Skies near St Paul were clear as could be.

I don't mind a little wind on my tail.

Just a little south of MSP, near the Iowa state line, the weather started to deteriorate.

I kept on heading west to try to dodge the weather, but eventually it wasn't worth pushing on. I stopped at Fort Dodge (KFOD).

And what a brilliant decision this was! They had a nice spread of food for Oshkosh comers and goers.

After about 90 minutes of waiting, the weather between Fort Dodge and Des Moines (KIKV) went to a reasonable level of MVFR.

Tough to see in the distance, but there are a cluster of 2,000' AGL antenna's. It pays to study the VFR charts for these obstacles when making a run in MVFR conditions.

I arrived safely in Ankeny (KIKV) and met up with my friend Rene, his wife and newborn. We went out to a great Southern Comfort Food restaurant that just opened up yesterday - Bubba's.

The Italian-American Heritage Festival was going on downtown Des Moines so we headed there for some more food, libations and music.

The freshly minted 2016 Queen of the Italian-American festival caught wind of my attendance at the event and just had to have a picture with me. It's hard to believe my Oshkosh Media Pass is coveted this far west!



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