[February 2, 2016]

With a majority of the work under the panel and floor pans completed, it was time to start putting the cockpit back together. Things were going extremely smoothly until the TORX bit fell out of my drills magnetic holder, falling into the pilot stick hole and rolling to the aft end of the seating area. This required me to remove the pilot seat pan and then spend about an hour looking for it and retrieving it. Mike was not happy.

The last item I needed to take care of is installing the UAT antenna. The NavWorx manual was very clear about this antenna being installed at least 5' from the transponder antenna, or it would damage the NavWorx transceiver. I wanted the antenna to be on the centerline of the underside of the fuselage, so the only place which qualified was behind the baggage bulkhead.

I made a double plate to be installed on the inside of the fuselage out of some .050" scrap. I also used it for a drill guide for the holes through the fuselage.

All three preliminary holes drilled in the fuse!

I sent an email to my friend Don Pansier of Delta Pop Aviation (http://www.deltapopaviation.com) asking him which of his antenna's was best for my application. My other two antennas are the TED style pole. These work fine, but I wanted Don't opinion on what he thought would work best, as his antennas are known to be fantastic. He recommended his Non TSO’d 978 MHZ UAT Antenna, which has the following specifications:

•Frequency 978 MHZ •VSWR Less than 1.2:1 Measured with Anritsu Antenna Analyzer •Polarization Vertical •Impedance 50 Ohms •Connector BNC Female •Mounting 8-32 x .5” long threaded studs •Weight 2.6 oz / 74 grams •Finish White Polyurethane •Price $69.95 plus shipping

All of the holes drilled into the bottom of the fuselage. They turned out perfectly!

The antenna test fitted. I'm very happy with how this turned out!

The last thing I did today was install the BNC end on the RG400 wire run behind the baggage bulkhead. The only items I have remaining to do are finish the antenna doubler and re-install my Garmin GDL-39 ADS-B receiver. I'm getting close to the ADS-B finish line!



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