[January 31, 2016]

Today I began the process of permanently wiring the NavWorx ADS600-EXP ADS-B transceiver. While it only has a grant total of 7 wires - Power, Ground, Transponder Input, Altitude Encoder Input, UAT Antenna and GPS Antenna, it took me almost 6 hours to get all of these wires in. The most time consuming wire run was the RG400 wire run for the UAT antenna, which needs to be mounted more then 5' from the transponder antenna. The only place on my airplane that would work for this criteria was behind the baggage bulkhead. So I needed to route a RG400 coaxial cable through the innards of the RV.

I wanted to do everything the right way - installing the new RG400 in the same wire bundle I had previously run. Doing this required me to remove the fuel pump. With the fuel pump out, I noticed the fuel flow sensor had some slight staining from a very minor fuel leak. I cranked down on this fitting to hopefully mitigate any further leaks.

While this doesn't look like much, these wires took an absurd amount of time to run.

My cockpit is a mess with tools and RV parts scattered everywhere.

My right wing is also overly cluttered.

...and my left wing.

...and my one work bench.

...and my other work bench. This hangar needs a serious cleaning once I finish up the project. I am thinking I should be finished in the next couple of days. We have a major heat wave going on for the next few days -- 50 degrees in February isn't all that common in MD!



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