[March 1, 2015]

I had the crazy thought that I would be able to pull my airplane out today and go for a quick flight to warm the engine up for a compression test. Unfortunately mother nature and a east facing hangar had other plans. There is at least 3" of ice along the entire length of the door.

Inside the hangar isn't so great either. The tracks the door slides on are full of ice. Cold compression test it is!

The compression test turned out great. Two cylinders 80/80, the other two were 78/80. I was happy with that. I noticed the adel clamps holding the spark plug wires to the fuel lines were loose.

I could easily slide the adel clamp back and forth on the injector tubing.

A quick fix was a few wraps of silicon tape. I also secures the two spark plug wires together aft of the clamp.

I seem to be constantly plaugued by the airbox. This year the end of the bowden cable snapped for the length between the arrows. Interesting failure! A new cable is on order from Van's (72" long Push Pull Cable BLACK, p/n CT A-740 BLACK).

Continuing on with the inspection I noticed the fuel pump wire was rubbing the cabin floor.

The fix was quite simple.

This is where I stood after day 1. I took the wheels and grease home with me to repack the bearings in a warmer climate.

It's amazing how much stuff comes out of these RV's for the annual.

Day #2 started with new brake pads. The might of had another year left on them, but after 280 hours, it seemed like time.

I bought my brake liners from Avery Tools, but ACS also carries them - Rapco RA066-10600-4K.

I also bought a brake rivet set tool. This tool makes GREAT looking shop heads out of the special brake pad rivets.

Instructions were simple enough.

The tool in action. I almost wish I had more brake liners to install. It's been the highlight of the annual!

This was an interesting find. I put a wrench to all critical bolts, something I have not done in the past. This bolt was slightly loose by about a 1/2 turn!

So were these two engine mount bolts. They weren't dangerously loose, but they did need to be snugged up.

These bolts were also loose.

Along with these.

And these. In total, I probably discovered about 3 dozen nuts/bolts that needed to be snugged up.

Everything is back together, and the inspection is nearly complete. All I am waiting for is the new bowden cable from ACS.



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