[January 18, 2015]

I installed the cleaned fuel injectors today. Nothing too difficult. I followed the Lycoming Service Bulletin 1275C Located Here.

Installing them is quite simple. Crank them down until 60 in-lb, and then keep on tightening them until the stamped side of the injector faces downward. I used a sharpie to mark the opposite end of the injector which will face upwards. I then tightened the B-Nuts on the fuel lines to 25 in-lbs, or finger tight plus 1/2 flat.

While I had the plugs out, I figured I'd replace the top ones on the EMag. For about $2 a piece, it's cheap insurance.

Everything is back together - plugs installed and fuel injectors in.

I am still getting a slight seepage of oil where the filler neck meets the crankcase. I tightened it up and safety wired it with thicker 0.041" wire.

And not for the true test. This EGT graph shows the mag check on the run-up (on the left of the EGT graph), and then full power, before pulling back to idle. Not only does the EGT for #3 look great, but the engine sounded perfect.

While I was doing my runup, a brief rain shower came through the airport. It left a great looking dry spot on the ramp!



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