[March 7, 2015]

My airplane is still stuck in the hangar thanks to a copious amount of ice on the rails. Since the RV is stuck indoors, I decided to tackle relocating the oil cooler shutter door. I originally installed the shutter door on the aft side of the oil cooler. While it made a noticeable improvement in my oil temps, I still wanted the ability to get my temps up higher in cold weather. I decided to move the oil cooler shutter to the front side of the oil cooler. In order to do so, I needed to remove the aft baffling from the engine.

The oil cooler shutter came off rather easily.

I needed to make some of the original holes oblong to fit the different bolt layout on the other side of the oil cooler. While not pretty, it beats buying another cooler shutter door.

Installed more or less. It seems to function just fine here.

All that is remaining to do is glob some red RTV on it and reinstall. The RTV I had in the hangar was all dried up, so I will take this home and finish it up over the week.

The new bowden cable arrived from Van's this week. It was super easy to reinstall it for the FAB bypass door.

Got snow? There are piles of the white stuff all over the place at KDMW.



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