[January 31, 2014]

I finally came up with a good solution to the FAB bypass door. I purchased a stainless 10-32 countersunk screw and a thin nut. This works perfect now, and should eliminate any future wear.

Here is something disconcerting - the right brake caliper is slightly moist and covered in dust.

Compared to the left, I believe there is a brake fluid leak on the right side. This side is perfectly dry. Also I noticed the 4130 steel braces I made for the wheelpants brackets have some slight surface rust on them. I thought 4130 was a grade of stainless, however, it looks to be more in the steel family. While the tires are off, it makes sense to disassemble all of this and prime it with AKZO.

It is time for new tires this annual - as you can see there is no tread on a portion of the right tire.

Back to the brake issues - the brake fluid reservoir is only 1/2 full - I usually top it off on each annual, so there definitely is a leak somewhere.

I purchased retread tires from Wilkerson. The tire price couldn't be beat, and I have read rave reviews of how long these retreads last. Plus the price is amazing - $51/tire. However, it is pretty sad that inner-tubes cost more than the tire!!!

Boom! New tires are on. I also repacked the bearings while the wheels were off. I got smart this year and let the grease and the bearing packer "hang out" in front of the hangar heater for about an hour. Working with warm grease is much easier than cold grease in the winter time. It almost made packing the wheel bearings fun....almost.



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