[January 25, 2014]

I resumed work on the annual inspection today. It was a bitterly cold day - only 22 degrees when I got to the hangar. I found a nice snow drift waiting for me when I got there.

This is new...the kerosene heater indicated the room temperature was "Lo". Typically it gives a numerical representation of the temp!

On to the annual. The first "find' was a backed off nut and a slight oil leak on the vacuum pump pad. I think the cause of this was I did not put a washer between the lock washer and the adel clamp.

The oil screen was nice and clean.

And so was the oil filter. Only a very few very small pieces of metal.

When I was inspecting the airbox bypass door, I noticed something didn't look right with the countersunk #8 screw. It was sitting quite loosely in the bypass door.

This screw wasn't screwed down tightly to the access door - and intentionally because of how the cable was attached to it. It needed to be loose for the cable to rotate around the screw when pulled. However, because it was loose, it was slowly enlarging the hole.

Here is the other side.

The good news is a #10 screw fits perfectly in the hole!

While this isn't the final solution, it shows what I need to do - the screw needs to be bolted to the bypass door, so there is no play between the screw and the door. The cable needs to then be wrapped around the screw, and another nut placed loosely so the cable cab freely rotate around the screw, but the screw is snug with the bypass door. I didn't have the proper hardware to get this fixed today, so it is homework!

I found some drops coming from the oil return lines. The culprit was loose hose clamps.

Same on the other side...

While inspecting the engine mount, I notices something strange.

Zoomed in, the powercoat has a crack in it!

I chiseled away the powder coat to see if there was a crack underneath. Lukckily, it was a false alarm, The engine mount looks like it's in great shape.

I covered up the area I scratched the powder coat off with some touch up paint. I am pretty much finished with inspecting the engine, which I think is the most time consuming part of the annual inspection. However, with the cold temperatures, it is difficult to get in a good work session. Hopefully things will warm up a little soon so I can finished this up!



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