[February 11, 2014]

I found I had a slight leak in the fitting going into the caliper. You can see a slight pool of red fluid around the fitting. This explains the brake dust buildup on this caliper. I did some research and it seems like I either didn't tighten the fittings enough or I didn't use the proper sealant. From what I remember, I used a black Permatex sealant. I did some reading and it seems like LocTite 567 is a better choice for the sealant on the brake system.

I disassembled both brake calipers with the anticipation of draining the entire system and fixing all of my leaks. As you saw, the right caliper had a leak. Additionally, the lower fittings on the brake master cylinders also had a leak (It would drip on the floor). So since I had to drain the system, I might as well fix all of the problem areas.

A recent service bulletin came out from Van's requiring RV owners to inspect the front spar of the horizontal stabilizer for cracks. It was perfect timing for me since the RV is undergoing its annual. No cracks seen on the right side.

On the left side it was another matter. There seemed to be a crack or a scratch in the lower left relief notch.

I removed the primer and I was relieved to find there was not a crack. What I saw was either a scratch in the primer or a scratch on the spar.

Fast forward a few days and I received my order for LocTite 567 thread sealant. I resealed all of the problematic fittings on the brake system and refilled the brake fluid in the system. No leaks!

I noticed the steel plate I used to beef up my wheelpants bracket was showing some surface rust. It was time to prime it with AKZO. This was definitely one of my worst priming jobs. It seems in the past few years my paint gun decided to take a turn for the worse. The application of the paint was just terrible. I was able to make it come out OK, but it is definitely not a quality job.

It brought me great pleasure to throw this piece of crap out!

I finished up the annual tonight - in freezing cold temperatures - 16 degrees! Everything is set for another year or flying!



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