[November 21, 2013]

At work I tend to always entertain our staff from other countries when they come to visit the US. I don't know whether it is because I have nothing better to do at night, or if I don't mind eating out with the company paying for the expenses. I imagine it is a combination of both! My friend Oscar who works in my companies Australian division and I were out at dinner when the subject of my airplane came up. He said when he grew up in Ireland, he always wanted to be a pilot, but he didn't have the eyes for it. Well it took exactly zero time for me to offer a ride in my airplane and for him to accept! We decided it was best if we snuck out of the office for a few hours during the work day to go for a joyride.

After I took off, I handed Oscar the airplane and he flew it perfectly.

It was a great day to be flying. Some clouds around 4,000' and great visibility. Did I mention I was supposed to be working and was flying instead?!?!?! Can't beat that.

Oscar forgot to photoshop out my grey hair before he emailed me this pic....

Oscar taking pics of the scenic Maryland landscape.

The two pilots!

Entering the pattern at KDMW.

The two of us had a blast. I had Oscar do a majority of the flying and he loved every minute of it. We did end up taking the RV upside down a few times doing a few loops and rolls. Oscar had never done any aerobatics in an airplane before. He loved every second of it. After some aero, I firewalled the throttle and we went down low and fast across a local reservoir. Once we landed, Oscar was smiles from cheek to cheek. He exclaimed this was the coolest thing he had ever done in his life! I think it's safe to say this was the highlight of his trip. I am glad I went out with him for drinks and dinner to learn he's a pilot.

The RV tucked away for the day. I need to make more excuses to fly during the workday.



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