[March 30, 2013]

Today's flight pretty much came with no planning ahead of time. All I knew when I woke up was I was going to meet my buddy Dave at a Saturday morning car show, and then we were going to go flying somewhere. After the car show it was only 10am. If we flew anywhere close it would be too early for lunch. So we decided to fly down to Ocean City, MD and take a taxi down to the boardwalk and grab some lunch.

I'm starting my preflight on the RV.

Blast-off for our one hours flight.

Departing KDMW.

Liberty Reservoir and Baltimore in the background

Havre de Grace, MD - where the Susquehanna river meets the Chesapeake bay.

Catching a quick nap while the autopilot does the heavy lifting....

Approach into Ocean City, MD

Crosswind for KOXB.

The pilot in heavy concentration for landing.

Securing the RV at KOXB

When we got to the FBO, we were floored when learned a taxi was $35 each way from the OC airport to downtown. We were told to talk to Don at the FBO's rental car office to see if we could get a car for less. Don gave us a Jaguar for $25. I asked if he needed us to sign a form or need an ID and he shook his head.

Of course we needed a pic of each of us with the nice car.

Dave with the Jag.

With an inexpensive mode of transportation in possession, we had the ability to pretty much go anywhere. Dave and I have always wanted to go to the Dogfish Head Ale House in Rehobeth, DE. It was approx a 45 minute drive up the coast. We figured we could grab a good bite to eat, Dave could have a beer that we couldn't get at home (The Brewpub has a unique selection of beers not available in stores) and we could buy some beer to take home.

Before we crossed into Delaware, I asked Dave if his handgun permit allowed him to carry concealed into DE. He was caught up in the moment of getting his beer that he forgot he was carrying. We decided it was best to keep the handgun in the trunk. This is where we started to learn about the rumored engineering of the Jaguar. The trunk wouldn't close easily. After many attempts of slamming it shut, it finally caught. However, a strange error message was displayed on the console - "Boot Open". Also, the Check Engine Light was on the entire trip.

We made it to the Dogfish Head Brewpub and ordered some burgers.

We also ordered a couple of beers. Non-Alcoholic for the pilot. Plenty of Alcohol for Dave. He ordered a Dogfish Head 61, which combines an IPA and red wine. I tasted it to make sure there wasn't poison in it (Dave is much more important than I am). I confirmed it was both delicious and non-toxic.

The meal was fantastic. One of the best burgers I have ever had.

Dave and I are both connoisseurs of Gin, so we decided to grab a fifth of gin each. Since I covered airplane gas, Dave graciously purchased these provisions along with gas.

Heading home, crossing the Indian River inlet.

More photo ops with our sweet car. We couldn't find any registration in our car, so we took it easy for the most part. Except we felt the need to race a mustang convertible at a stoplight. Amazingly enough this old girl beat him by a decent margin.

I was not impressed with the steering wheel emblem.

Rental car was returned and time to check weather for the trip home.

Back in the air the weather was perfect for the trip home. We went up the shoreline for a few miles.

Time for another snooze on the way home. 2.2 hours on the hobbs and a great story and unexpected way to spend a perfect Saturday.



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