[March 23, 2013]

This weekend out local RV group decided to fly over to the Sky Bryce airport, located in West Virginia just south of Winchester. It was a chilly day for the end of March, and the wind at KDMW made it feel frigid. Jack and I took off from KDMW and flew in a loose formation west.

We flew over Harper's Ferry, although my camera didn't decide to focus on it...

On the West side of the Appalachian mountain range the weather was much nicer. Visibility was outstanding.

Slow and efficient flying over to Sky Bryce - 5.9 GPH at 129 kts TAF. My oil temps were on the low side - just another reminder that I need to get an in-flight adjustable oil cooler blocker.

Neal in his RV-8A about to touch down.

The Sky Bryce airport is adjacent to a ski slope and surrounded by a mini resort town.

Neal taxiing back, and the ski slope in the far distance. The slope was still open, charging a reasonable $20 for a lift ticket for the day.



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