[November 7, 2011]

I got a nice full day to work on the RV today. I started by replacing all of the intake hoses with the new parts from ACS. When I took the old ones out, they didn't look all that bad. However, I figured I might as well replace all of them while I was at it.

I removed the oil screen and inspected it. It had a few very minor items in it. Looked mostly like RTV to me. No metal to speak of.

The fuel filter was also very clean. A few pieces of metal in there, undoubtedly from the tanks.

This was the most disturbing item of the day. I pressurized the fuel system with the pump to 28 PSI. It stayed at that pressure solid for a while. I checked all of the fittings and everything was at the proper torque (per the torque seal). However, when I jiggled the hose from the firewall to the fuel pump, the firewall side started shaking loose. Before I knew it, fuel was pouring out. Pretty scary since it all looked fine. I tighten up this again and rechecked it. You can bet this will be part of my oil change check from now on out! This totally validates the necessity for an annual inspection for me. Up until now I just considered it a BS exercise.

While checking the mag wires, I noticed one of the wires was rubbing on the manifold pressure B-Nut.

I re-secured it to prevent any future rubbing.

I finished up the engine compartment inspection and moved onto the fuselage. I removed a majority of the inspection panels (well until my drills battery died).

Here was the big find for the nights. The corners started to form a crack in them - both corners! I will stop-drill the crack and file it out. Interesting to see something like this getting a crack. I have never heard of this from reading the forums, but I am glad the only crack I've seen has been on a non-structural part!



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