[November 12, 2011]

Today I got a nice full day to work on my annual inspection. I finished the cabin are inspection and the aft fuselage/empennage inspection with minor findings. My left brake has a slight leak int he cabin, however, I heard this is quite common on RV's. The leak is so small it isn't worth fixing now. Also, in my aft fuselage inspection I found I never engaged the connector to my ELT antenna (although it was still in place), and my tailwheel wouldn't swivel under certain circumstances. All quick fixes.

I recently puchased a TruTrak DigiFlight II autopilot for the RV. I figured it was as good as time as any to install the servos. I pre-wired the pitch and roll servos, so installation would of been easy. Ont he right hand side I removed the bellcrank.

I drilled a #12 hole in the right bellcrank for the servo attachment.

I safety wired the servo onto the bracket.

I needed to drill a small hole in the bracket to accommodate the safety wire here.

And the final installation of the roll servo.

I worked to get the pitch servo installed to. I already installed the bracket for this servo. However, when I got home I realized I installed the servo backwards! Doh! Well i would of realized this sooner or later. Nevertheless, a great, rewarding day working on the RV. I think tomorrow I will get a full day on the project too!



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