[October 8, 2011]

Got motivated today to yank the prop on the RV. What a pain. Sooo many screws/bolts/nuts.

The old seal came out WAY too easy. It was like it was never glued into the crankcase.

I cut it out instead of pulling it around the crank flange.

I took my time and cleaned the crank and casing thoroughly. The casing needs to be clean in order for the sealant to adhere to.

By using the tool to install the seal around the flange, it was a breeze to get the new one on. I am sure I spent more time fretting over this than it actually took.

Here is the tool I used.

I used some Pliobond (per recommended by the Lycoming service bulletin) to coat the seal and the crankcase with.

The new seal right before it was pushed into the crankcase. The Pliobond needs to dry to a tackiness before it can be bonded to a mating surface.

I then spend the rest of the time installing the prop. Once again a lot of work. I also did a thorough inspection of the prop and found no abnormalities.

I attempted to start a compression check tonight but I think I am doing something wrong. All cylinders came up 80/80...COLD! While I would like to think I have a perfect engine, I would at least like to see something less than perfect.



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