[January 29, 2011]

I wasn't expecting so much snow to still be at the airport. We got about 8" the other day, and it looks like the airport just shovels in front of the hangars. Looks like its enough to clear the RV wingspan by about 2-3' per side.

I brought the new kerosene heater to the hangar tonight to give it a whirl. The things sounds totally awesome when its running.

This heater has a digital thermostat on it. When I started it up, it was 30 degrees in the hangar. Within 20 minutes it was up to 50! Plus it only burns a gallon per hour! My new best friend in the winter.

The airport was vacant today. No one in the pattern. No one in their hangars. So I fired up the RV and decided to do some takeoff and landings since its been over a month since I have flown. The first takeoff happened FAST! Its amazing how out of touch you can get when you take a few weeks off. My first landing was pretty good. It's really an easy airplane to land. I really don't know why it took me so long to transition and get comfortable with the RV. So after 0.6 on the hobbs of takeoff and landings, my oil temp was up to 168. My goal is 180, so I think I am almost there. I will have to see what the temps really are when I'm in cruise, instead of just takeoff and landings.

Taxiing took a lot of attention with the snow banks on either side of the taxiway. The asphalt was nice and dry.

Up to 24.5 hours now!

A few weeks ago I loaded on the new GRT software. I like the new maps which have a tan background to them. Plus I saw if you zoom in enough, the maps show the runway numbers. Thats great for me since I always forget them when I'm in the pattern at other airports.



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