[February 4, 2011]

I played hooky from work this morning to get some hours in. The weather was perfect - no wind to speak of, ceiling was very high and best of all, I wasn't at work!

My oil temps were higher, but still not at the 180 degrees they are supposed to be at. I will have to probably block off more of the oil cooler.

I thought I liked the tan background of the new maps from GRT, but it was very hard to see some of the lines for different airspaces and restricted areas. So I went back the black background.

I was pretty bored just flying around so I started playing around with all kinds of things. The first thing I did was turn off the Garmin 430W to see if my backup GPS would supply enough information to navigate. It seemed to at first. However, when I turned the 430W back on, while it was warming up it put me in some strange position. Definitely not what I expected. I need to dig out the GRT manual and see how to set up the units to work with both GPS's a little better.

Also, I finally was able to get the VOR to show up on the HSI. I tuned in the MRB and FDK VOR's and used the HSI to fly to them. Seemed to work very well. Just in case GPS ever has a little outage, its good to know I can use the VOR's.

I also messed around with the squelch on the ICOM A210 secondary radio. I definitely made some progress there in having better quality.

Finally, as you can see on the right-hand EFIS I was working on emptying my right fuel tank to calibrate it.

Landing was interesting at DMW. The wind was a direct crosswind at 8-10kts. I don't really have that much crosswind experience under my belt in tailwheel aircraft, but I figured this would be a good learning experience. My approach was good, and my aileron/rudder corrections had me going straight down the runway. My main left gear touched first, then bounced just a little. Right main gear touched next, and then I realized my tail was slightly being pushed by the wind, and I didn't react enough on the rudder to counteract it. Thank got there is a nice wide runway at DMW, because I was able to kick the rudder and get straight, eventually. I wish I had more time because I would of liked to go around a few times to get some crosswind experience.

Good 2.5 hour flight, and almost up to 27 hours on the plane. 13 hours left!



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