[August 16, 2010]

I bought some clamps over the weekend at Ace and installed them today. Great fit.

I was concerned how difficult it would be to install the intake neoprene sleeve over the FAB intake. It only took a few seconds to futzing with it for it to look great.

I have a pitot/static/transponder test on Thursday morning, and I need to taxi over to the FBO, so I removed the plastic covering on the canopy. Wow does it look great.

I also slapped on the top cowl. She just looks like she's ready to fly!

I cut the rubber channel and used some Automotive GOOP to glue to the lower empennage fairing. I did a test over the weekend with the Goop holding the rubber channel to aluminum, and the results were very good. This Good stuff is amazing!

The two hinge pins that attach the halves of the cowlings needed to be epoxied to the knobs I had. Its a shame how much epoxy I wasted on this. I should of done this with another batch for something else. But, it's done. There's a lot to say about that too.

I installed the fuel pump again. I think I need to take it out again, to tap out the nutplates. Its just too difficult to get the screws into it the way it is.

I messed around with the canopy latch system for a little tonight. It was waaaay too tough to get latched. So I used the dremel with a sanding drum on the steel latching mechanism to reduce it slightly. After a little bit of work. the canopy latched nicely. The more I actuated it, the smoother it got. This is the first time I've been able to latch it from the outside.

Lastly tonight I wanted to install some high temperature RTV on the back corners of the plenum because there was a slight gap there. I put some packing tape on the baffles, with some wax on it to keep it from sticking.

I also RTV's the bottom of the baffles to the top of the engine.



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