[August 12, 2010]

I bought the 4-RV Bogi Tow Bar from Aircraft Spruce this week, along with some other hardware. It fits perfectly on the tailwheel, even with the Doug Bell tailwheel fork.

I slapped the lower cowl on and the plenum. Its time to make the neoprene adapters between the air inlets and the plenum.

Here is what things look like before any trimming.

I trimmed the plenum back a little in order to make sure the plenum and rings didn't rub at all.

The final trim -- I have 1" between the ring and the plenum. That's the most I felt comfortable with.

I cut the neoprene provided with the Sam James plenum. I put the glue on it per the instructions -- coat both edges, let sit for 5 minutes. Recoat and let sit for 10 minutes. Then bond.

The two sides bonded immediately and it was incredibly strong. However, I made it too short by 3/4" or so. Luckily I had enough material for a screwup or two.

Ah, much better.

While I was waiting for the neoprene cement to cure, I installed the screws between the wing and fuselage bottom.

Finally I made the neoprene adapter for the air intake. This took a lot of measurements to get just right. I don't have any clamps, so I will have to pick them up at the store before next time.



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