[May 27, 2010]

I had an absolutely fabulous and productive night at the hangar. I got in a solid 6 hours of work (more than I was in the office today! That's how it should be every day.). I spent about 1.5 hours safety wiring the prop bolts. Each pair took at least two attempts to get right. Not bad now that I look back at it, but at the time it wasn't enjoyable.

I was attempting to work myself back to finalize everything. Next on the list was safetying all of the alternator bolts.

I needed to drill a #50 hole in the steel bracket to safety the bolt that attaches to the starter.

I looked up on Vans Air Force and they had a good recommendation for how much to tighten the alternator belt. Basically, for a new belt, you should tighten the alternator until you can't spin the alternator pulley with 15 ft-lbs of torque.

After the alternator was in its proper place, I safety wired those two bolts.

I needed to shorten the starter wire, and then I attached it to the starter for good. This welding cable is very flexible and might rub against the engine block as it is. I need to figure out some way to wrap it to secure it a little better.

I made the pin for the trim tab and installed the trim tab for good. I secured it by safety wiring the pin to the elevator.

It was nice outside, so I decided to do a little photoshoot. I love how this thing looks.

I installed the elevator bolt which attaches to the bearing in the center of the horizontal stabilizer.

I needed to grind down the head slightly of this bolt so it didn't drag against the right elevator horn.

Next on the hit list was getting the ballasts mounted for the HID landing and taxi lights. I rigged everything up to see how much heat the ballast kicks off (turns out not too much).

I was amazed at how much light these puppies kick off. This is just 1 50 watt bulb. Imagine landing with 4 of these puppies!

The ballast.

Something which has proved invaluable in the hangar is tethering my laptop to my cell phone for internet access. It has saved me some time and head scratching a few times tonight.

Finally I made the rudder linkages from some 050 steel stock provided. These will have to be primed and painted with JetFlex. Great night!



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