[March 21, 2010]

Today was the big day to move the project to the airport. Weather was perfect -- 70 degrees, no wind and mostly sunny. Here is one last shot of the airplane in the garage.

I wheeled it up the driveway to the end of my court for it to patiently wait for the tow truck.

The tow truck came about 10 minutes later than when I asked them to be here. Fine by me. I chose this tow company because they were local, and I ran into them a few months ago filling up with gas at the local gas station. After chatting with the driver there, he seemed game to move his first airplane.

Here is where he connected the straps to the RV. I used Bill Cloughley's (http://www.pilotbill.com great site to see how he loaded his RV.

Another shot of the straps on the engine mount.

Turns out the straps were too long and the whole fuselage couldn't be pulled up into the flatbed with the cable winch. So I put a block of wood on the tail and had the driver lift up the bed. Once it was up, we could move it forward and re-tie it.

These wheel straps were really a good idea. They fit the RV wheel just perfectly. This shot was taken before the strap was adjusted to be behind the brake rotor.

And here we go on the journey to the airport. This is leaving my street.

And just getting on the main road between my place and KDMW.

Almost there. My heart was racing the whole time, especially when the truck went over some big bumps and the whole fuselage bounced around. Intense.

Finally, safe at the airport. I could finally relax a little.

After a little hangar rearrangement, my airplane was in the hangar along with my hangarmates RV-4.

Another shot. These two airplanes are really squeezed in here for now. My hangarmate is near the top of the hangar waiting list so hopefully he will be moving soon. But for now, I have plenty of room to get the wings on and finish the last steps of the build. Great day!



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