[January 31, 2010]

Today I broke the 2000 hour mark on the project. I remember thinking around 1700 hours there is no way there are another 300 hours left of work to do. Well, these end games really take their tally. Today I finished cutting the lower rudder tip. Here is the shape I ended up with on the forward bottom of the tip.

I did one last test fir to check for any binding or interference. It looked really good.

The exit hole for the tail wiring is perfect. One item of slight concern is a possible interference issue with the lower AN4 bolt threads. However, if that is the case I can easily just reverse the bold and install the nut on the forward side of the bulkhead.

Next I drilled the tail light adapter plate to the rudder tip.

And drilled out the middle hole.

Finally, happy with the fit, I countersunk and deburred all of the holes and installed the lower fairing on permanently.

With all of the rudder fitting and empannage fairing fitting finished, I removed the empannage. I installed a bunch of nutplates for the fairing too. The empannage probably won't be reinstalled until it permanently goes on in the hangar.

This is the last pic I will ever take of the empennage fairing hanging from here. It is officially done. I sanded her down with 400 grit and then applied 3 coats of primer sealer. It isn't perfect, but from 1' away you can't tell. People shouldn't be that close to my airplane anyways.



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