[November 30, 2009]

Tonight I secured the wires in the aft fuselage. Here is the autopilot wire bundled up for the future.

And on the left side here is how I router the wires.

and along the bottom rib.

I terminated the RG400 wire for the ELT antenna and plugged it into the ELT. I wanted to check on ELT's website for the polarization of the 4 conductor telephone wire so I could terminate it with a RJ11 connector to plug into the ELT. When I checked on the website, I discovered ACK planned to release their 406 Mhz ELT by the end of this week. So, I stopped work on the ELT for now. Luckily I can reuse the tray and all of the wires, so I didn't loose anything in this.

Next I installed the adel clamps on the control cables and routed them through the firewall.

I put all of the hardware on the ends of the throttle cable and double checked their alignment. Things looked pretty good.

Did the same with the mixture cable. I had some issues with the throw of this cable. The arm was in the idle cut-off position, but the red knob on the panel still could of gone forward a little. I needed to adjust the throw of the arm on the fuel servo and retorque the nut.

Before I installed the prop governor cable I double checked I torqued the bolts on the governor. Once that was checked and they were torque sealed, I installed the control cable. I am very happy with the throw of all the controls. They all seem to be perfect.

Next I mixed up a batch of micro balloons and slapped a quick layer on the fairing. I didn't do the full thing because I wanted to see how much this did and if I need to play around with the thickness before I waste too much epoxy.



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