[November 22, 2009]

My friend Jim (Local RV-9A Builder) stopped by this morning to talk RV's and look at my project. I think this is Jim's 3rd or 4th time over to the house to check things out. This time however was memorable. He came bearing 24 beautiful gifts of the Champagne of Beer. I suppose having some pics of beer in my web log paid off for Jim knowing what I like to drink! Thanks Jim!

I moved on to getting my hands dirty with lacing string. I tied up the annunicator wires and put them into a 2x4 mini-amp plug.

I laced up all the wires behind the critical switches on the left side of the panel.

Then I kept on moving and wrapped up all the wires between the firewall and subpanel on the left side.

More pics. Oh - I also cabled up the parking brake for good. That was pretty easy, I just installed some adel clamps and made sure everything was aligned.

I kept on trucking lacing up the wires in the next bay over. It is amazing how solid these wire bundles get when they are laced up.

I wanted to support my wire bundle, so I installed some adel clamps.

Here's another one. This one will also prevent any wire rubbing on the bottom of the auxiliary battery tray.

Finally I tested out the annunicator lights. The Engine and Alternator lights worked perfectly, but the EFIS light not so well. GRT didn't really document it all that well, so I will give them a call tomorrow to see how it is supposed to be hooked up.



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