[September 7, 2009]

I made some great progress on the project today. Most of the work today was finishing sanding the bottom cowl and painting it white. The bottom cowl turned out much better than the top cowl did, not that the inside really matters.

With the sticks completely wired up, there was no reason not to install them permanently.

It sucked routing the circle plastic connectors through all of the holes I made, and then inserting them into the connector. However, it was all worth it when I was done and the PTT switch worked as well as the flap buttons. The only untested switch was the china hat for the aileron and elevator servos, but since I do not have them installed, I can't really test them easily.

Here is another pic of my wire routing.

For the longest time I have been meaning to install the engine ground wire. This is something I didn't want to slip my mind anymore, since it is a safety issue, so I made sure to do it today. My biggest reluctancy in doing this was I could never figure out a good wire routing. After some digging in the VAF forums, I found 1/2 of the puzzle -- where to put it on the engine. After I saw that method on one post, I was able to figure out the rest.

I ran it all the way back to the battery.

Next up was finishing wiring up the copilot stick. Since this stick is removable, I needed to put a connector on it so the PTT switch wire could be disconnected.

And here is the bottom part. I hope this works out OK, there is a lot of squeezing of the wires when it all goes together. I think it should be just fine. If not, there is plenty of slack to invent an alternative method down the road.



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