[June 20, 2008]

This week I received the Avery RV jack stand. The jack inserts into the end of the landing gear to provide a jack point. However, the axel nuts need to be modified to get this sucker to work.

The axel nuts need to have a hole in them so a bracket can sit on them. The bracket acts as the top of the nut and will hold the nutplate for the wheel fairings to screw to. So, I drilled out the nutplates out of each nut.

Next I put a 1" diameter hole in each nut. I luckily already had a 1" hole saw in my toolchest.

Here the nuts are with the holes in them and deburred.

Next I needed to file slots on each nut to accomodate the thickness of the steel bracket. I really wish I did this earlier in the week since I have a mill at work I could of slammed this out in no time. However, it didn't take any more than 15 minutes per nut to file.

Here the end product is - the bracket is flush with the top of the nut.

Next I used a #12 drill bit and put a slight pilot hole in the nut. The nut actually gets tapped to 10-32 to hold a screw, so you don't want to drill the #12 hole all the way through.

Here the marking is again.

I enlarged the hole to a #21 and tapped it for a 10-32 thread.

And voila, the bracket fits on perfectly.

Next I attached the nutplates to the bracket.

I got an order from Spruce in this week with a bunch of misc hardware. One thing I am doing now is putting on 3 AN4-5A bolts where the AN4-11A bolts are supposed to go that hold on the bracket for the fairings. I have heard of this bracket getting bent up in Phase 1 when the fairing isn't on, so I just put some standard short bolts in there and called it done.

Here is the Avery jack using the hold in the nut.

And the finished product. I was stupid and just picked a random angle to put the bracket on - you can see its basically up and down which makes getting a screwdriver on the bottom harder to screw in those #10 screws. A stubby screwdriver works fine, but still, I should of been smarter. If you don't feel like going through the hassle of modifying the nut, Avery sells the nuts already done for $35 for the pair. Not bad, but it would of only saved about an hour worth of work.



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